Let's roll ♿️

Episode 1 February 15, 2020 00:01:31
Let's roll ♿️
Freewheelin with Carden
Let's roll ♿️

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Living with a disability can have so many ups and downs. My goal is to give a voice and power to it all - and knock down barriers so we can roll through life a little easier and build a community to do this together.

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Episode 34

November 02, 2020 01:12:36
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Retinitis Pigmentosa with Lance Johnson

Retinitis Pigmentosa with Lance Johnson Transcript https://rb.gy/eakyw0 Who is Lance Johnson?  Lance Kestrel Johnson is a 30 year old transplant from North Carolina, living in Brooklyn, NY where he works as a video editor.  Lance has a degenerative eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa, which affects his peripheral vision and ability to see at night. While he currently has most of his central vision, being diagonised with a disability made him interested in the disability comminuty as a whole. That interest led him to create a podcast called The See-Through Podcast, where he discusses various topics of interest with people from the disability community. In this episode Lance and Carden talk about: Lance's first interview on a podcast Lance's daily life with retinitis pigmentosa Workplace and event acommodations for those with visual impairments Normalizing medical equipment and devices ie glasses, wheelchairs Independent learning about different disabilities The problem with only getting 1 person's experience with a disability Resources: Connect with Lance Instagram:  @lancekestrel @seethroughpod Follow Carden on Instagram @freewheelinwithcardenFind Carden everywhere Special thanks to my producer Jonathan Raz on Fiverr.com Use referral code 'Carden' when downloading iAccessLife mobile app. ...


Episode 37

November 29, 2020 00:45:08
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Part 1 Disabled Artists' Collective Kinetic Light: Dancer Laurel Lawson

Part 1 Disabled Artists' Collective Kinetic Light: Dancer Laurel Lawson hosted by Carden Wyckoff Transcript https://rb.gy/bgmlyd Who is Laurel Lawson? Dancer, choreographer, and engineer; Laurel Lawson found that dance combines her lifelong loves of athleticism and art. Featuring liminality, synthesistic myth, and partnering, her work includes both traditional choreography and novel ways of extending and creating art through technology and design. Laurel began her professional dance career with Full Radius Dance in 2004 and is part of the disabled artists’ collective Kinetic Light, where in addition to choreographic collaboration and performance she contributes design and leads technical innovation, including the Audimance project, a revolutionary app centering non-visual audiences, and the Access ALLways initiative. Beyond dance, Laurel is an advocate, musician, skates for the USA Women’s Sled Hockey team, and leads CyCore Systems, a technology consultancy specializing in novel problems. What is Kinetic Light? Kinetic Light is different from many other performing arts companies that feature disabled dancers. We are a disability arts ensemble: We are led by a disabled artist; disabled artists create, design, and perform the work; our work speaks to and emerges from disability aesthetics and disability culture; and our work is connected to the rich traditions and exciting contemporary conversations of disabled artists in all artistic fields. Founded in 2016 under the direction and artistic leadership of Alice Sheppard, Kinetic Light is a project-based ensemble of three disabled artists: Sheppard, Laurel Lawson, and Michael Maag. A roster of additional artists join us to contribute on a project by project basis. In this episode Laurel and Carden talk about: Kinetic Light a collective of disabled artists and the creation behind it Audimance the app for non visual performance descriptions Disability inclusion and the arts Universal design and accessibility ...


Episode 12

May 17, 2020 00:43:15

Beautiful People 501c3 Adaptive Sports with Founder Peter Ladka

A single thought popped into Peter Ladka's mind in 2006 of 'I wonder how the kid in a wheelchair plays tee-ball' while sitting on the sidelines watching his daughter play. That 'silly little idea' as he calls it turned into creating the nonprofit Beautiful People which provides children and young adults with disabilities the ability to participate in sports adaptively in Orange County NY. They provide baseball, indoor and outdoor soccer and basketball. Volunteers can be a ‘buddy’ that pair up one-on-one with the athletes for as much help as is required for each player. Tune into the journey behind creating the organization and how it is thriving today. Email Beautiful People at [email protected] check out their website http://www.beautiful-people.us/, and find them on Facebook, Instagram @beautifulpeoplesports, and Youtube. Transcript: https://rb.gy/04svkb ...